If you purchased a voucher through our website then the email with the code was emailed to the recipient you chose on the delivery date you selected. Please check junk folder before contacting us as for some reason they occasionally throw us in there. 


Note: If you purchased a voucher prior to September 2020 you will have been sent a separate email with coupon code for the new website.

Check your junk folder, for some reason vouchers occasionally end up in the junk. Don’t forget the voucher is sent to your selected recipient on your selected delivery date. If this doesn’t work please contact us via the website.

We have two different sections for codes to assist with the transition from our old school system of vouchers written on a series of post-it notes. 


If you purchased a voucher direct from the old website (Pre-October 2020) you will have been emailed a coupon code to be entered in the coupon code section. 


If you purchased a voucher from the new website (After October 2020) the voucher code will have been sent to the recipient and they paste this in to the gift voucher section.

Having a gift voucher will get you to BBQ School.  However, immediately following busy periods such as Christmas you may have to be patient for a spot.

Our vouchers have a 3 year expiry on them per legislation but if you've bought one I want you to attend.
To be honest if anyone was actually approaching the expiry I'd give them pick of dates and/or extend it - this isn't a bbq ponzi scheme.


All our classes are booked online via the calendar (scroll across months) within our class bookings.

If there are no available dates in the calendar it means we are currently fully booked.

Charcoal Fundamentals dates will be released on the 1st of each month at 9am.


These are released two months ahead (August releases October dates etc). Emailing us to ask for dates will unfortunately in no way expedite the process.

We have always booked 2-3 months ahead for the whole time we have operated.

Sometimes in peak times tickets can move quite quickly on release day - we do our absolute best to try and keep everyone happy and promise that if you have a voucher it will never expire.

If you jump on at 9am on release day this is your best chance of success - the release dates can surprise us, one month may take 10 days to completely sell while others have taken a matter of hours.

Masterclasses will be released as they become available as are often done in conjunction with other experts. Emailing us to ask for dates will unfortunately in no way expedite the process.

No, we don't keep a stash of spots for website inquiries.

Book together and hope your mate pays you back. 


If booking multiple tickets enter all the same names for multiple attendees to speed up the process. We can change this later.

If you are unable to attend the class that you have booked, we are more than happy to find you another date that suits you so long as we are given at least 7 days notice. 


Bookings are non-refundable, but completely transferable to another person.


If you are unable to attend and give less than 7 days notice your credit will be subject to successfully filling the spot.  We reserve the right to charge an administration fee for late cancellation of bookings and the time spent filling spots. 


Failure to attend will result in your ticket being forfeited.

Having a group will not allow you to jump the queue in to a public class, you will have to jump online and fill in details like everyone else.

Gift vouchers are typically aimed at 2-4 mates coming together rather than a dozen dads trying to snap up half a class.