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Gift Vouchers have been turned back on now that we have made our way through some of the Christmas rush.  Yes, it is still somewhat difficult to book in to a class but we will see you soon!

The greatest gift for all barbecue lovers, a Perth BBQ School Gift Voucher can be used in our online store or to book one of our classes. Note that classes are $175, but vouchers can be purchased for multiple tickets if required.

Please read the FAQ before purchasing if unsure how this all works.

All bookings for are processed online via the Classes tab above – use the calendar to cycle through months.
We are frequently fully booked 2-3 months ahead of time so please bear this in mind when purchasing a voucher.
Following Christmas there is always an influx of vouchers booking in which takes a few months to settle down.

We release new dates on the 1st of each month at 9am.
If there are no currently available dates in the calendar it means there are no currently available dates.

Our vouchers do not expire so there is no risk of it expiring before you can use it.

We recommend giving the voucher to the recipient and allowing them to choose the best dates for attendance.

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