Smoked Venison Ribs

Gus Gallagher
Gus Gallagher

Venison ribs are not something you come across every day but if you treat them like mini beef ribs you won’t be too far from the mark.

Like most ribs there is a membrane on the back you need to peel off.  I like to slide a butter knife under there to loosen it up a little then peel it off.

On top you also want to get rid of any scrappy bits of extra meat or silver skin.

Now, I’m going to let you guys in on my secret weapon in dry rubs right now: dried porcini mushrooms.  For any red meat rubs I have been absolutely loving adding dried porcini – it gives the best umami hit to your rub – highly recommend giving it a try.

Venison Porcini Dry Rub: 

  • 40g dried porcini
  • 20g sumac
  • 20g pepper
  • 40g salt
  • 2 tbsp coffee grounds

Blitz your ingredients in a spice grinder or mortar and pestle and you’re good to go.

The aim with the rub was to get big earthy umami flavours from the porcini and the coffee then balance out with some zing from the sumac.

The ribs then went in to the smoker at 225F for four hours uncovered, then one hour wrapped in foil with a splash of red wine to make sure they’re nice and tender

Served with baby carrots and asparagus (which is in season at the moment, is amazing and possibly my favourite non-potato based vegetable).

I also made a balsamic red wine reduction – it needs a little work so we can talk recipe on that another day.

The ribs came out an absolute treat, like little teeny tiny beef ribs but with a gamey depth of flavour that beef doesn’t quite get.

And in case I wasn’t clear earlier I am in love with the umami magic that dried porcini delivers so give them a try in your next dry rub!  The recipe above would go great on lamb too!

It’s good to be back.