Smoked Bone Marrow

Gus Gallagher
Gus Gallagher

Today I am going to talk about something that is super easy to do and outrageously delicious: smoked bone marrow.

Also known as ‘butter of the gods’, smoked bone marrow is something so easy to prepare that it feels silly writing about it but I just want to convince you to try it yourself!


Start by buying beef marrow bones from your butcher.  While any of the leg bones can be used, my butcher prefers the femur as they are thicker and consistently the best size possible for marrow tubes.

Ideally they will have also cut the bones in half; you can cook marrow bones whole however halved presents better and is easier to eat.

For marrow I keep it simple, season with just salt and pepper and place in your barbecue / smoker for indirect cooking – I used a Weber kettle, with one basket of mallee charcoal running approximately 300f.

Add smoking wood to your coals – I used a chunk of chestnut wood for a light, sweet nutty smoke.

Smoke the bones until the marrow has softened and started to separate from the bone, the top should be a nice golden colour.

These were in the smoker for around 40 minutes – it’s a very short cook.  Be careful not to leave them in too long as the fat may start to drizzle out (in fact you can see this happened a little with the one on the right).

For the ultimate decadence, simply serve on toasted bread – I bought woodfired sourdough from my local bakery – when being decadent, go all in.

Beyond the above, you could serve with a gremolata or chimmichurri to achieve some balance (but balance can be overrated!), or use the marrow to escalate another dish such as atop a beautiful reverse seared steak in place of flavoured butter.

So give smoked bone marrow a try and let me know how you go!

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